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Building 64, Block B , 3rd Floor,3006

  In its name the Clinic for Health and Medical Care contains the two aspects of health preservation, which will be achieved by curative methods as well as prevention of illnesses. Internal hospital organisation is in accordance with proven German standards in the healthcare sector. The bright, friendly and modern clinic is situated in a central location of DHCC and within easy reach. We offer nearby ambulatory psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care for Dubai but also take an open approach towards treatment of patients from neighbouring emirates and countries. In such cases we will care for transport from the airport to the clinic, supply hotel rooms and ensure chaperoning besides undertaking the complete medical care. If further diagnostics should become necessary, our location in the heart of Dubai Health Care City ensures shortest possible implementation due to co-operation partners. Naturally this will be done according to agreement with your General Practitioner. Care in the clinic is based on a modern integral therapeutic concept as well as understanding, acceptance and open-mindedness towards the cultural and religious backgrounds of our patients
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